Voxafrica All 4 Gospel

  • Broadcast

      Voxafrica UK

    every 1st Sunday of the Month at 5.45PM

  • Presenter

    Lorraine Kamara is a TV Producer of the ALL 4 GOSPEL show. Alongside this Lorraine is also the Co Producer of our afro centric entertainment show AFROBUZZ. A graduate of Journalism and Media, Lorraine saw a gap to be filled in the channel. She saw fit to to create the gospel road show which  has created quite a buzz with interviews by Faith Child, Guvna B, Noel Roninson and more. A4G is already making waves being known as voxafrica's top 5 show.

  • About the show

    All 4 Gospel aims to show the church in a new youthful light!

    Produced and presented by Lorraine Kamara, The ALL 4 GOSPEL SHOW is a 12 minute entertainment gospel show which features exclusive coverage of the hottest and latest gospel themed events across the UK as well as interviews with global gospel artists. 

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