The Pan African TV Network Voxafrica is the worlds premier Pan African news and general entertainment channel with English and French language channels. Vox News with over 40 correspondents across Africa daily news broadcasts are dedicated to Africa-related news stories. Voxafrica is international and currently consists of 4 channels.

Voxafrica is only Network that appeals to the whole African diaspora. Voxafrica English on DStv, Africa’s premier Pay TV platform. Voxafrica English on terrestrial on the GoTV platform in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda.

Voxafrica UK, Ireland and Europe on BSkyB & Eutelsat. Voxafrica Central Europe in French to France, Belgium & Switzerland on various platforms; Voxafrica Afrique in French to French speaking Africa on the premier subscription channel Canal Sat Horizon, Startimes TV and other free to air platforms across Africa.

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Why Advertise on TV?

The most powerful advertising medium available - Period.

Television works. Here's why:

Consumers will spend 50% more time with TV than they will with radio, and ten times more than they will reading the newspaper or surfing the Internet.

82% of the population say TV is the most influential form of media available.

People decide which products and services they want based on what they see on television.

Television works best for advertisers who want to build a longer term solution.

Television advertising is, by its nature, a long-term strategy. Think about this for a moment—how many times did you have to see a brand before you immediately recognized the slogan or were able to repeat it? Chances are somewhere between 6 to 9 times. This is what's known as creating awareness.

Your goal is to reach this 6-to-9-view threshold with your potential customers. Test after test has shown that this is the point when viewers become aware of your product, service, or brand. The longer you run your ad, the greater number of people will begin to remember you and potentially become your customers. Increasing awareness also helps reinforce your brand to your existing customers, reminding them of your business, and putting you top-of-mind for their next purchase.

However, TV is also a powerful strategy for a special event or promotion, and can drive a lot of customers through your door for a one-time sale. This type of advertising can use a significantly smaller budget, as long as you carefully target the market you want to reach, and create a “blitz” of ads in the few weeks leading up to your campaign.

Television is the most powerful advertising medium available. The largest corporations around the world use it to build their brands, bring customers, add credibility, and grow their businesses. And it is a surprisingly an affordable option for smaller companies or start-ups with limited budget spend.

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