The tech world today is increasingly focusing towards automation, and how machines can help make our lives simpler. One of the things tech giants like Microsoft and Google are focusing in that regard is to develop artificial intelligence, so that computers and devices around us can me more intuitive to us, and understand what we are looking for – even without us letting them know about it.

Google’s latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Centre continues to generate a buzz as Google announced it’s opening last week. The Centre will be under the wing of Moustapha Cisse and is all set to be the top platform for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Through this article, we’ll learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence and how this Centre gives researchers and engineers working on AI-related projects a head start.

Breaking Down Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is easy to understand, yet a vast concept, and with diverse interpretations, it can be confusing. One term used synonymously with AI is Machine Learning, but these are two different concepts. Machine learning is a part of AI and we’ll tell you how.

Firstly, AI is the ability of any software embedded inside a machine to interact like humans. The machines don’t depict emotions (yet) but are as good as or in cases better than humans in computational accuracy, and speed. 

AI allows machines to perform tasks that would generically require human intelligence. Some examples of AI would include speech recognition (such as in Google Assistant), Business Intelligence Systems, and translators. These applications portray features of human intelligence.

How is Machine Learning a part of Artificial Intelligence?

Humans possess the ability to learn as they perform an action, in other words, learn with experience. AI gives a machine the ability to learn from experience that is called Machine Learning. The simplest example of Machine Learning is the neural network. A set of algorithms designed by scientists to recognize patterns.  

Google AI

Formerly known as Google Research, is Google’s AI research and development division for all its AI projects. Google AI conducts research and continues the development of all the AI-related products given,

  • Google Auto ML Vision- Google’s image recognition software.
  • Google Assistant- A popular voice assistant by Google for Android phones.
  • TensorFlow- An interface that integrates AI into everyday lives by using deep learning and AI accelerators.

This time for Africa

Google has unveiled its first AI Centre in Africa with the backing of Moustapha Cisse and it is sensational. In an interview, the head along with Jeff Dean a Senior Member at Google AI revealed some surprising numbers.

With Google’s new project in Africa, they claimed, 10 million people will benefit from their training program and 2 million Africans have already finished the course. The Google team in Africa currently supports 1,00,000 developers and over 60 start-ups so far.

Google’s adapting their products to assist people in discovering the internet without hi-tech smartphones and high-speed internet connections.

This announcement adds to Google’s AI Centre’s spanned across several cities like New York, Paris, Zurich, Tokyo, and Beijing the capital of Ghana– Accra.