‘Special Awards Ceremony being held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel London for African Innovators and Businesses from The British Award for African Development’

On Thursday, 24th of October 2019, The African Disruptive Technology Conference and Awards Ceremony will be held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel London, Mayfair.

The event will bring together some leading businessmen, entrepreneurs and government officials from African Diasporas, to discuss strategies and policies that can help to mobilise further investment that is needed in the African digital economy. This will help increase the competitiveness in Africa for the 21st century digital industrial revolution.

Individuals from the African business community will explore and explain the urgency for Africa to become self-dependent by creating its own tech and commercial industry; to remain competitive in this technological age where data has become an expensive asset for businesses and new trends of economic development for countries continually emerge.

Today African innovators are solving problems in the sectors of Health, Logistics, Agriculture, Education, Employment, Money transfer and Data collection in many Sub-
Saharan African countries.

Dr Justina Mutale, Founder of Justina Mutale Foundation said

“The world is constantly evolving and as we are now at the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution, I believe we need to equip our young women and girls with the means to access the tools, techniques and opportunity to learn about the rapidly growing world of technology. In order for young women and girls to excel in this competitive and technologically driven world, we should provide them with entrepreneurship,
technological, and investment training, which in turn help build a productive digital
society. “

Onyekachi Wambu, Executive Director of the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) said:

“Diaspora direct investment is very important in ensuring technology and wealth transfer in Africa, and in particular to enable job creation. It is impossible to speak about African development without looking at diaspora investment into the continent. AFFORD has supported diaspora entrepreneurs in the tech sector in Africa, and one of our success stories, COPDAT in Nigeria, has not only increased business efficiency in the UK by moving back office functions to Lagos but has also created 12 sustainable jobs in the Nigerian tech sector. AFFORD therefore welcomes the BRAAD Award as an opportunity to recognise the achievements of diaspora investors and innovators.

Jean Bosco Kanyemesha, Executive Director of the BRAAD Award believes more needs to be done in relation to the diasporas to become the agent of change and use this kind of platform to empower more innovators and entrepreneurs by recognising
their achievements, which will certainly encourage many others to follow these examples.

The African disruptive technology conference will bring together professionals from different sectors like telecom, entrepreneurs and finance. Member of parliament from the International Development Committee, the Minister of State at the Department of International Development and Foreign and Commonwealth office, and MP’s have been invited as guests, together with several senior government officers from the Department of Trade and Investment.


The Parliamentary Lecture will take place on 23rd October 2019, Wednesday at the Parliament and the Conference & Award Ceremony at The Grand Sheraton London, Mayfair on the 24th October 2019, Thursday.

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British Award for Africa Development (BRAAD) is a UK initiative focused on highlighting and recognising innovative business ideas and entrepreneurial achievements of incredible individuals in Africa and its Diaspora.
BRAAD provides a nexus for exploring business opportunities between the
United Kingdom and African markets. It seeks to co-create and foster long-standing opportunities to further the economic growth by engaging public and private sector