The past few years have ushered in plenty innovations at increasing and never before seen rates. The technologies that are expected to shape our future have already started to make an impact on our lives. This means that Betway secure online casino games is also a welcome development.

Betway presents the technology trends that will impact our lives over the next decade.

1. Quantum mechanics and its impact on living processes

Using quantum mechanics in computing has caused a significant progress in the creation of larger and powerful machines with the ability to solve complex problems that are outside the capability of today’s classical computers. Three tech conglomerates, IBM, Intel and Google are making giant strides to create functional quantum computers. IBM has acquired a 50-qubit computer which is to be used over a cloud platform which falls behind Google’s 72-qubit chip. IBM already has researchers working on theirs unlike that of Google.

Even as scientists still search within the mysterious forces of quantum mechanics to deliver the next major computing breakthrough, quantum forces are already helping scientists unmask the mysteries of life.

2. CRISPR and the DIY gene editing movement

CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) is a technology that allows scientists to edit the DNA within genes and make certain changes to cells. The traits of living things can be modified if the genetic blueprint of life is altered. This leads to high specificity, making precision edits to DNA, knocking out specific genes, stimulating gene activation of gene repression. This technology has been around for a wide and used to change plants and animals DNA in beneficial ways. This is done by isolating a specific DNA strand and replacing it with the desired one. It has been used in agriculture and offers great potential in healthcare.

3. Digital wealth, freelancing and non-traditional jobs

The rich get richer by owning good appreciating assets. To create long-term generational wealth, an individual with a high income should invest in good assets. This is important especially in this age of disruption and career uncertainties. Flexible, short-term assignments, web designs like betway, and freelancing is the fastest growing job trend right now. A lot of young college graduates are opting to be freelancers instead of taking up traditional jobs and the number is expected to rise.

4. Marijuana legalization and the study of psychedelic drugs

Marijuana was classified in the past as a Schedule I drug. Schedule I drugs have high risk without counterbalancing benefit. But current theories posited that marijuana was criminalized even when their wide-ranging medicinal use was well known. These recent decades have shown a marked difference in society’s attitude toward the plants and increasing interest from academia with calls for more research into the possible health benefits.

5. A new space race and asteroid mining

As NASA celebrates the 50th anniversary since man’s first lunar landing, it’s astronauts can go back to space from the Florida Space Coast. NASA is also making plans to return to the moon and carry our a Mars exploration.

However, China is also making plans to dominate space and they landed their spacecraft on the far side of the moon in January 3, 2019.

The coming space age will disrupt the precious metals industry as asteroid mining will become more significant because of the revelations that it is rich with mineral elements.