• New data reveals 85% of Black people surveyed said that nurses have made a positive impact in their life or the life of a loved one. 
  • 43% of Black people surveyed agree they would consider a career in nursing.
  • The ‘We Are The NHS’ campaign highlights the rewarding and diverse range of nursing roles available within the NHS

Now in its fifth year, NHS England and NHS Improvement’s ‘We Are The NHS’ campaign have been revamped to champion the extraordinary work of Black nurses and inspire a new cohort to consider a career in the health service.

The campaign highlights the range of nursing specialisms across the NHS, including in learning disabilities, mental health, adult and children’s nursing. It features Black nurses, who are proud to showcase the many ways in which nursing has a positive impact every day, on patients and on the nurses themselves.

Sandra Hungwe, a nurse at Queen Mary Hospital, and now star of the new ‘We are the NHS’ campaign said: “I am extremely proud to work for a diverse NHS, which has given me the opportunity to fulfil my potential.”

Candidates for university nursing courses have access to a support system to guide them step by step through the application process, alongside tailored support. Annual payments of at least £5,000 are also available to help nursing students with their studies.

After completing her nursing degree and training, Sandra is now an Adult Nurse, where she plays a crucial role in patient recovery. “Seeing a smile on a patient’s face and knowing that you have delivered the patient care they needed is the best feeling in the world.”

“If you are looking for a rewarding career with plenty of opportunities to develop and progress, then a career in nursing could be for you,” said Sandra.

Nursing is one of the most employable professions with 94% of graduates gaining employment within the first six months of leaving university. Once qualified, there are many opportunities to further develop through additional training or by focusing on a specific area, such as trauma, orthopaedics or neonatal care.

To help those who are unsure of what to specialise in, the ‘We Are The NHS’ campaign has also launched a quiz to raise awareness of the plethora of nursing roles available and to help people find out which nursing role they would be best suited to, which is available here

The campaign aims to increase applications for both degree courses and direct entry jobs, seeking to build upon the existing 1.2 million-strong workforce and to shine a light on the incredible work they do in multicultural adverts across TV, cinemas, radio and billboards.

Dr Navina Evans, recently appointed Chief Workforce Officer at NHSE, said: “I am proud to support this new recruitment campaign. The NHS’s greatest strength is in the diversity of our people. Nurses from multicultural communities across the UK are the backbone of our national health service and the contributions they make every day must be celebrated.”

Nurse Susan Olusoga, a member of the Nigerian Nurses Association, said: “Nurses will tell you that the biggest perk of a nursing degree is making a difference to people’s lives. As a nursing student, you learn to fully absorb the required knowledge and in training, you learn how to apply it. There are a range of opportunities available so there will be something to suit you, no matter what your interests. Whatever you choose, with a career in nursing, you are guaranteed to make a positive difference every single day.”

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