2023 starts with BIG IMPACT on Bizcommunity!

2023 starts with BIG IMPACT on Bizcommunity!

2023 starts with BIG IMPACT on Bizcommunity!
2023 starts with BIG IMPACT on Bizcommunity!


Welcome to 2023, the year that rhymes with 20 Plenty Three! Here’s hoping for a year of abundance for us all!

Also the year that the term ‘impact’ will come to dominate business narratives, with topics such as energy, education, ESG (Environmental, Social&Governance) and equality goals of every kind predicted to impact many business decisions, no matter what sector you’re in.

This is why we identified Impact as the chosen theme for this year’s BizTrends feature. Bizcommunity’s annau BizTrends2023 Report provides a not-to-be-missed guide to trends from South Africa’s leading analysts, curated by our editors across 19 sectors. BizTrends marks the definitive start to 2023 and trend guide for business in the year ahead. #BIZTRENDS2023 SPECIAL SECTION>> 

Even more Impact

Last year we shared insights such as these, from Auro Trini Castelli, chief sustainability officer at DDB NYC:  “The space that business will need to play in the future will be in the realms of true societal impact”; from Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, billed as the world’s largest asset managers: Every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society” and from author Morgan Simon: “The trend of impact investing is poised to eclipse traditional aid by ten times in the next decade”.

These and other factors, have prompted us to pivot the name of Biz CSI&Sustainability portal to ESG&Sustainability, to be able to prioritise and promote the huge shifts in business communications and activations we anticipate in the forthcoming years. From February, the ESG&Sustainability portal will be under the editorship of Shan Radcliffe esgnews@bizcommunity.com.

Despite the past years being characterised by covid and energy austerity, Ukrainian and other global human rights and environmental violations, we believe that with increased equality and equity on the agenda, Bizcommunity’s business-to-business focus is ideally positioned to anticipate a new generation of corporate content, of refreshed societal impact and governance goals and to enable you to ride these huge trend waves into the future with you.

If we all pull together towards more equitable goals, there is hope that our region can set an example to the world and that the year may well be remembered as one of plenty for more of us! As usual our mandate is to ensure your company initiatives and activations make the desired impact via our platforms. Wishing you a super impactful year in Biz!

Opening up a Press Office Newsroom on Bizcommunity allows the publishing and tracking of your company’s environmental, societal and governance impact content, ensuring that search for the high value terms such as ESG and Impact will result in enhanced SEO results for your impact-related corporate content. If you would like any of the IMPACT ESG decision-makers in your company to be featured high up on our home pages get in touch at impact@bizcommunity.com.

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