AFREXIMBANK Sponsors African Freestyle Football Contest Organised by Feet ‘N’ Tricks

AFREXIMBANK Sponsors African Freestyle Football Contest Organised by Feet ‘N’ Tricks

<div>AFREXIMBANK Sponsors African Freestyle Football Contest Organised by Feet 'N' Tricks</div>
<div>AFREXIMBANK Sponsors African Freestyle Football Contest Organised by Feet 'N' Tricks</div>

Feet 'N' Tricks Limited

Feet ‘N’ Tricks ( the biggest promoter of Freestyle Football in Africa, has announced AFREXIMBANK as its main sponsor for its highly anticipated Freestyle Connect Africa 2023 tournament set to hold on November 14, 2023, in Cairo, Egypt.

The much-anticipated tournament is held in partnership with the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) and will be showcased at the Intra Africa Trade Fair (IATF2023) event. The premium freestyle football event will feature 16 top-tier athletes from 9 African countries.

Freestyle Connect Africa 2023 will be part of the broader Intra Africa Trade Fair (IATF2023), championed by AFREXIMBANK, in collaboration with the African Union and AFCFTA.

Running from November 9 to 15, this year’s IATF theme resonates with unity and creativity, titled: ‘One People, United in Culture, Creating for the World’. The theme emphasises the importance of African unity and the power of its rich cultural heritage in forging a brighter future.

Valentine Ozigbo, the Chairman of Feet ‘N’ Tricks, speaking to the press on the tournament’s significance, said, “We are happy to welcome our 2023 sponsor, AFREXIMBANK, an institution that is created for the upliftment and unification of Africa.”

“We are proud that AFREXIMBANK’s sponsorship and our partnership with the World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) elevate the standards of freestyle football in Africa.

“Freestyle Connect Africa is a platform that brings sports talent and creativity together in competition and celebration, and our partnership with AFREXIMBANK and WFFA testifies to the growth and love for the sport across the continent. We’re excited to showcase African talent on such a prestigious platform.

“We are thrilled to announce, in addition, that the sensational Iya Traoré, a Guinness World Record-holding freestyler, will bring his awe-inspiring football artistry to Freestyle Connect Africa 2023, all the way from the vibrant streets of Paris.

“Joining him on stage is none other than Brazil’s freestyle virtuoso and Guiness World Record holder, Raquel Benetti, whose mesmerizing skills with the football have earned her global acclaim and a dedicated fan following.”

Daniel Wood, the Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships at the WFFA added, “Freestyle football is not just a sport; it’s an art, a culture, and a language that unites us all. The Freestyle Connect Africa 2023 in Cairo promises to be a spectacular display of talent, and we’re excited to see our athletes shine on such a grand platform.

“Africa is a hotbed of freestyle football talent, and events like these amplify the sport’s global reach. WFFA is thrilled to collaborate with Feet ‘N’ Tricks for what promises to be an unforgettable showcase.”

DLK Clothing Signatures, an internationally acclaimed garment and footwear manufacturing company based in Abuja, Nigeria; and VCO Foundation, one of the leading non-profits in Nigeria are co-sponsors for the Freestyle Connect Africa 2023 tournament. The DLK brand will be showcasing at the IATF2023 trade fair.

As preparations ramp up for the event, fans across the continent and beyond eagerly await a thrilling showdown of skills and passion on the pitch.

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The African Export-Import Bank, commonly referred to as AFREXIMBANK, is a Pan-African multilateral financial institution established in 1993 by African governments, African private and institutional investors, and non-African investors. Its primary mission is to promote and expand intra- and extra-African trade. Over the years, the bank has been pivotal in driving the economic development and integration of the African continent.

About Feet ‘N’ Tricks Limited:
Africa’s leading promoter of freestyle football, Feet ‘N’ Tricks Limited has been pivotal in hosting major events and championships across the continent, aiming to make freestyle football mainstream in Africa. The company hosts the Nigerian Freestyle Football Championship and the African Freestyle Football Championship.

About WFFA:
The World Freestyle Football Association (WFFA) is a global governing body for freestyle football. They are responsible for organising global championships and standardising the sport’s rules, providing a platform for athletes to display their skills internationally.

About IATF2023:
The Intra Africa Trade Fair (IATF) is a flagship event that brings together stakeholders in the African and global trade sectors every three years. IATF2023, scheduled from November 9 to 15 in Cairo, Egypt, is a unique platform that aims to increase intra-African trade by providing critical trade and market information, enabling buyers and sellers, investors and countries to meet, discuss and finalise business deals.

The theme for IATF2023, ‘One People, United in Culture, Creating for the World’, underscores the significance of Africa’s unity and the strength that emerges from its rich cultures. It emphasises the idea that when the people of Africa come together, sharing their diverse cultures and talents, they create products, services, art, and innovations that have a global resonance.

About CANEX Exhibition at IATF2023:
The Creative Africa Nexus (CANEX) is a platform within IATF that promotes Africa’s vast creative talents, connecting visionaries with investors and stakeholders. From fashion, music, and art to technology, film, and design, CANEX underscores Africa’s position as a global powerhouse in the creative industries, aiming to foster partnerships and drive economic growth in the sector.

About DLK Clothing Signatures:
DLK Clothing Signatures Limited is an internationally acclaimed garment and footwear manufacturing company based in Abuja, Nigeria. The DLK brand is recognised globally as an emblem of meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled quality. With a keen emphasis on enhancing the socio-economic lives of its workforce and the communities in which it operates in Nigeria, across Africa, and the broader global community, the company remains steadfast in its adherence to the highest health, safety, and environmental regulations, and investment in corporate social responsibility initiatives.