Avsos Announces Successful Exhibition at Gitex 2024 Africa in Marrakesh

Avsos Announces Successful Exhibition at Gitex 2024 Africa in Marrakesh

Avsos Announces Successful Exhibition at Gitex 2024 Africa in Marrakesh
Avsos Announces Successful Exhibition at Gitex 2024 Africa in Marrakesh

GITEX Africa

Avsos, a leading innovator in technology solutions for the aviation industry, proudly participated as an exhibitor at the recently concluded Gitex 2024 Africa (https://GITEXAfrica.com) in Marrakesh. This prestigious event provided a vital platform for Avsos to showcase its suite of advanced operational solutions, including its inflight retail product, Avira Connect, TMAN, Crew Mate, Crew Guru, and the latest addition, Aviro Pair, engaging with global technology leaders.

Avsos introduced its flagship inflight retail product, designed to streamline buy-on-board processes through a powerful AI engine that optimizes load management and reduces wastage. It features comprehensive functionalities like warehouse management, order management, order planning, commission calculation for crew, and revenue reporting, supported by Android-based mobile POS devices.

The company also showcased Avira Connect, its innovative iPaas solution tailored for airline companies, which features a unique integration layer compatible with various technologies and a built-in AI module that predicts operational disruptions.

Adding to its impressive portfolio, Avsos presented TMAN, a specialized tool for optimizing and managing airline turnaround processes. TMAN includes a built-in collaboration module that enhances communication among all parties involved in the turnaround process, improving efficiency and reducing delays.

Furthermore, Avsos launched Crew Mate, a super app designed specifically for flight crews, and Crew Guru, a comprehensive management platform for Crew Management departments, managing all essential tasks for crews, including performance evaluations and payment information.

Newly introduced at Gitex was Aviro Pair, a cloud-based solution for crew pairing that leverages powerful optimization algorithms to minimize the total cost of crew operations. This system handles pair generation from flight data efficiently, ensuring optimal scheduling and cost-efficiency.

“Our participation at Gitex 2024 Africa was an exhilarating opportunity to not only introduce Avsos and our innovative solutions to a broader audience but also to connect with other industry leaders and experts,” said Salih Enver Yurter, CTO of Avsos. “Our products are in use by some of the biggest carriers, demonstrating their effectiveness and reliability in enhancing operational efficiencies and customer service across the airline industry.”

Avsos’s exhibition booth attracted numerous visitors, including potential clients, investors, and technology enthusiasts, eager to learn about the company’s latest innovations and explore ways to incorporate these advancements into their operations.

For more information about Avsos and its comprehensive range of products, please visit https://www.Avsos.ai/

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Ahmet Herekoğlu, CEO