Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL) Partners with Angola Cables to Connect their Cross-Border Networks to International Cables

Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL) Partners with Angola Cables to Connect their Cross-Border Networks to International Cables

Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL) Partners with Angola Cables to Connect their Cross-Border Networks to International Cables

Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL) Partners with Angola Cables to Connect their Cross-Border Networks to International Cables

Global provider of network services, and digital solutions, Angola Cables is partnering with Cameroon’s incumbent telecommunications operator, Camtel to expand digital and connectivity services in Cameroon and the West Africa region.

The agreement follows an intent by both parties to develop business opportunities in West Africa and the Atlantic region to boost redundancy, network resilience and the quality of services (QoS) both nationally and internationally. Taking advantage of the extensive subsea cable connections of SACS, WACS, and Monet within the robust backhaul network of Angola Cables – and the added connectivity provided by Camtel on the South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL), businesses and enterprises will have extended capacity options with a better traffic access to West Africa local and regional networks through Angola Cables and Camtel’s Points of Presence (PoPs).

The partnership once the necessary due diligence has been completed, could transform internet connectivity and data transmission in West Africa,” so says Fernando Fernandes, Country Manager of TelCables Nigeria, a subsidiary of Angola Cables.

CAMTEL CEO, Judith Yah Sunday Epse Achidi said, “Our strategic intent is to build on the robust backhaul connectivity of the Angola Cables network, and the existing interconnections we have in place with other submarine cables connecting the region and the world, to provide flexible and secure value added services for our clients and businesses.”

The agreement signifies an important step in advancing telecoms and digital connectivity in Africa. “For users, it will help to secure connectivity, trade, boost economies and help expand as well as grow businesses across the region,” concluded Fernandes.

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About Angola Cables:

Angola Cables is an internationally established ICT and digital solutions and network services provider, and has been ranked as the most interconnected operator* on the African continent. Through our integrated IP networks, and data centres, we provide extensive, low-latency, direct access connectivity to the largest IXPs, Tier 1 operators, and global content providers.

Through our owned, high-capacity SACS, Monet, WACS, and third-party submarine cable networks, the company directly connects to more than 20 Points of Presence, and Internet Exchange Points in the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Angola Cables also operates two data centres, AngoNAP Fortaleza Tier III (Brazil), and the data centre, AngoNAP Luanda (Angola). The company also manages PIX in Brazil and Angonix Angola – one of the largest Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in Africa. Through our partners, and resellers in selected markets we offer advanced, and secure connectivity solutions, and services to a range of customers across multiple industries.   

 *The Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) 2022 

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Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL), created in 1998, is the fully owned state telecom operator, and national lead provider of Carrier, Fixed, and Mobile broadband including ICT&digital solutions. Its 25 years of existence is garnered with a fleet of competitive, and tailored telecom services implemented by a host of experienced professionals from varied fields.

CAMTEL owns, and operates resilient networks including: a robust national backbone fiber connectivity with the CEMAC region including Nigeria, Chad, Central Africa Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea through its multiple submarine cables (SAIL, WACS, SAT3 and NCSCS) landing at 03 stations with Gateways, a Tier III designed Data Centre in Yaounde – Zamengoe, and 03 Satellite ground stations. CAMTEL is also at the heart of the West to East Africa initiative – WE-Africa-NA – a high-speed digital corridor connecting the Gulf of Guinea to the Horn of Africa.

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About TelCables West Africa:
TelCables West Africa is a Nigerian provider of network services and digital solutions and is the local operation for Nigeria and West Africa countries of Angola Cables, an internationally established ICT multinational ranked* as the number 33 operator in the world.

The company also provides a wide range offer of Cloud and integration services, IP networks and integrated access to worldwide to data centres, which provide direct, comprehensive, and low-latency access connectivity to the largest IXPs, Tier 1 operators and global content providers.   

The company specializes in connectivity and IT solutions and services as well as the commercialisation of international data circuit capacity and IP Transit via submarine cables.

Our shared values and mission are to provide secure and low-latency connectivity to companies from West Africa to worldwide users. Our proven track record and dedicated team of IT and network professionals are here to partner you in expanding and advancing the capabilities of your network and business.

As the most connected network operator in Africa, we provide direct routings from West Africa to the USA and South America and from West Africa to London at the lowest latency. With our presence across several Nigerian IP hubs from Lekki, WACS CLS, Medallion DC, Rack Centre and others, and connections across Africa via the Djoliba network, we can connect your business to the world.