Commending Mandela Month: Celebrating the Legacy of a True Global Icon

Commending Mandela Month: Celebrating the Legacy of a True Global Icon

Commending Mandela Month: Celebrating the Legacy of a True Global Icon
Commending Mandela Month: Celebrating the Legacy of a True Global Icon

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With July upon us, a wave of reverence and reflection sweeps across the globe to honour the strong spirit of the late President Nelson Mandela during the annual commemoration of Nelson Mandela Month. This special occasion, observed on July 18th, serves as a poignant reminder of Nelson Mandela’s extraordinary contributions to fostering equality, compassion and human rights. It calls upon individuals, communities, organizations and businesses to dedicate their time, skills, and resources to make a positive impact on society, echoing his lifelong commitment to public service. By harnessing the power of unity, Nelson Mandela Month serves as a catalyst for transforming lives, embracing inclusivity and fostering connections that transcend boundaries.

Chairman of Black Impact Foundation (BIF) Clarence Seedorf was honored as one of the few Legacy Champions by Madiba in 2009 to carry on his legacy worldwide. So it’s not a surprise that BIF has created a platform like the Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) ( , a landmark event that promises to be a unique and transformative experience for individuals celebrating Black excellence and driving positive change. Therefore, commemorating Mandela Month is a natural action to keep promoting the values and objectives of his legacy. The Global Black Impact Summit, created by BIF and organised by Energy Capital&Power (, is scheduled to take place on November 30th and December 01st, 2023 – in Dubai offering a dynamic platform for networking, learning and collaboration, with a focus on uniting and connecting the Black community with the aim of strengthening inclusivity, equality, education and entrepreneurship.

The prevailing emphasis of Nelson Mandela Month centres around “67 Minutes for Madiba on Nelson Mandela Day,” signifying the symbolic 67 years that Nelson Mandela dedicated to public service, persevering through adversity, and unwaveringly championing the cause of social justice, ultimately culminating in his historic tenure as the inaugural President of the newly birthed South Africa. This day captures the ideals that Nelson Mandela adopted throughout his life—forgiveness, reconciliation and the belief that each individual possesses the power to change the world for the better. By encouraging people to devote just a fraction of their time, 67 minutes, to acts of kindness, Mandela Day urges us to acknowledge our collective responsibility in effectuating meaningful change.

BIF, with its emphasis on uniting and celebrating the Black community, recognizes the impact of Mandela’s legacy in inspiring and shining light on individuals worldwide to enhance inclusivity, equality, education and entrepreneurship within the overall community. As the spirit of Madiba is integral part of the Foundation, people can join BIF to unite under a shared purpose and amplify their efforts towards effectuating meaningful change and foster reconciliation and social justice.

By highlighting the shared values of Mandela’s Legacy, BIF becomes an ideal platform for engaging in positive dialogues, forging partnerships, and formulating a proactive approach to support Black individuals globally.

One of the fundamental pillars of both GBIS and Mandela Month is education. Recognizing that education plays a pivotal role in unlocking opportunities, both initiatives place a strong emphasis on enhancing educational access and quality.

Acknowledging the profound impact of Mandela, we invite you to unite with us in amplifying Black voices by supporting the Black Impact Foundation and joining GBIS and other BIF initiatives.

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