Dakar getting ready to host International Sports Press Association (AIPS) Africa Congress

Dakar getting ready to host International Sports Press Association (AIPS) Africa Congress

Dakar getting ready to host International Sports Press Association (AIPS) Africa Congress

Dakar getting ready to host International Sports Press Association (AIPS) Africa Congress

Dakar will be hosting International Sports Press Association (AIPS) Africa (http://AIPSAfrica.com/) Congress from February 22-25, 2023. It is during a ceremony broadcasted live on television that the ANPS president Abdoulaye Thiam has made the announcement. The Senegalese capital has been chosen to welcome the African colleagues for the AIPS Africa Congress. A joy and a pride Thiam and his team who spare no effort for the success of this event. “We are working hard to give the best journey ever to our African colleagues here in Dakar. We want this congress to be memorable”, Abdoulaye said.

Dakar came forward at the last moment to host the AIPS Africa Congress after uncertainties due to Covid and other political matters arose about the capacity of Nigeria, which was initially selected to host the event. And it is with great pleasure that the president and the entire executive committee expressed the will for ANPS to host the congress in Dakar. According to AIPS Africa president Obi Mitchell, the choice of Dakar seemed to have been tied up in the stars and when the request came, it was easy as wind to accept.

“Home to the first ever Youth Olympics on African soil in 2026 and a bastion of sports parading the African champions of the beautiful game, Senegal has a romance with AIPS that is deep and yet unfolding.

Blessed with a sporting spirit the land of Teranga harbours a special place in my heart as where my long march as AIPS Africa president started in 2013 with my first congress and where it had to draw the curtains in the month of love this year with a farewell congress for me,” President Obi Mitchell said with delight.

High expectations for Dakar Congress

On this occasion, the African sports press associations body will renew its board. About thirty representatives will have to vote to elect the new members of the executive committee. From this board, it is expected that the association will be renewed at all levels to better address current issues in sports journalism.

“After nine years of nursing and nurturing our cherished association Dakar 2023 should be the delivery anchor for generation next. It is time to give confidence to the fledging sports journalists in the continent anxious to hit new heights with the marriage of technology and endeavour. I expect to see a very progressive choice and voice in the leadership that will aim for new frontiers. I count on seeing the dignity and integrity that has marked our collaboration with the other continental sections of AIPS fully enforced and enhanced in the best tradition of our pioneers in the Africa Sports Journalists Union,” Mitchell expressed.

“Africa must shoot ahead with honesty of purpose and a diligence that can only breed prominence. Above all the communal spirit of the continent and the abiding culture of excellence must be a sure guide in all endeavours. We are fully awake and from Dakar we must stand up and be counted,” He added.

Dakar makes it a point of honor to offer Africa a framework conducive to the smooth running of the event and to be an example of a dynamic association on the move. Indeed, after the 2 days of the congress, the ANPS invites African colleagues to the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Senegalese association of sports press. “We have decided to organize the gala of the 50th anniversary the day after the congress to allow all Africa to celebrate with us and see what is done in Senegal,” ANPS president said.

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