Elm to participate in GITEX Africa 2023 in Morocco

Elm to participate in GITEX Africa 2023 in Morocco

Elm to participate in GITEX Africa 2023 in Morocco
Elm to participate in GITEX Africa 2023 in Morocco


Elm (https://apo-opa.info/3IMOx3f), a leading digital solutions provider, will participate in GITEX Africa, one of the region’s largest tech events, which will be held from May 31 till June 2, 2023, in Marrakech, Morocco.

The event will congregate leaders in the technology sector, government representatives, Small and Medium Enterprises, start-ups, developers, investors, and academics to discuss various industry-related issues, promote cooperation, and forge new partnerships, while showcasing the most recent innovations and developments.

Elm’s participation in this event is a part of its commitment to stay up to date on the most significant local and international events to further enhance its position on the global map and to broaden the use of its creative solutions. The company aims to showcase its prominent technological solutions, products, and digital services in the health, government, logistics, finance, and transport sectors. Furthermore, the company seeks to exhibit its investment potential and fortify its strategic alliances.

The growth of anticipated investments in Africa’s technology sector, which has been projected to climb from $115 billion to $712 billion by 2050, has significantly contributed to the momentum of GITEX Africa.

Additionally, the growth of investments in Africa’s ICT startups is six times higher than the global rate. Over the past six years, seven billion-dollar businesses have been established on the continent, four of which have seen their growth rates accelerate over the past year. As a result, GITEX Africa aims to offer a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing, as well as shed light on recent technological trends and advancements, with the participation of experts, industry leaders, key players, various companies, and international innovation hubs.

Elm seeks to highlight its latest innovative products and solutions in the municipal sector through its participation in this year’s GITEX Africa. These solutions include digital oversight and inspection services, field and seasonal inspection services, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge technologies, data collection and monitoring solutions, as well as its public-private data linking digital platforms, and the digital model for license and crowd management services. Moreover, the company will further assess its digitization consulting services, digitally integrated navigation and surveillance equipment, and cloud platforms for logistics and transportation services. Additionally, it will highlight operational and business outsourcing services and solutions for contractual process management and party protection, along with IoT-based products designed to advance the transportation industry.

The company will further demonstrate its comprehensive cloud-based platforms, cutting-edge healthcare systems, outsourcing, operational services for significant healthcare facilities, and Internet of Things (IoT) services. Additionally, Elm’s groundbreaking contributions to digital transformation will be highlighted at GITEX Africa. Elm has achieved significant advancements in this area, most notably its contribution to digital identification. The company has made significant accomplishments in this regard, including connecting numerous services and projects to digital identities, implementing identity verifications in excess of two billion operations across numerous ministries and private entities, as well as establishing connections with over 200 business clients that use the company’s services to acquaint people with digital identities and offering more than 1400 diverse services within this field.

Majid Saad Alarifi, Marketing Vice President and Elm spokesperson said: “We are delighted to take part in GITEX Africa, the largest and all-inclusive tech exhibition in the region. Our participation is in line with Elm’s aim to boost development and investment opportunities through international exhibitions and significant conferences, as well as strengthening its position locally and internationally. We are excited about the possibilities at this year’s edition to connect with leading global businesses and institutions in the technology, digital, and electronic solutions sectors, developing strategic alliances, and gaining access to new niche markets. Through our participation, we aim to draw attention to our ambitious initiatives and strategic projects in an effort to address the needs of our clients, partners, and stakeholders while delivering the best services possible that meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency.”

He added: “Elm has consistently strived to leverage cutting-edge technologies and solutions to advance enterprises across a variety of industries, improve the lives of community members, and establish itself as the region’s first digital enabler. In order to create integrated digital solutions, products, platforms, and projects that satisfy client requirements, promote digital transformation, and open avenues to a better and more sustainable future, the company makes use of the most recent technological advancements and breakthroughs. Elm is skilled at working with government agencies. In order to guarantee the highest levels of professionalism, its scope of work also includes the provision of supportive consulting services in a variety of digital fields, business outsourcing solutions, operational services for the private sector, and digital projects across our business units.”

Elm has established a system of innovative solutions that have significantly driven digital transformation in a variety of sectors. Over 22 million people subscribe to its products, platforms, and services, which it exports across the globe. The company is eager to stay up to date on global events and create cutting-edge digital solutions that advance the business, increase its competitiveness, and enable it to better satisfy evolving customer demands.

Elm has been making preparations to welcome attendees at GITEX Africa at its booth. It aims at interacting and networking with companies, the business community, and individuals that are interested in digital innovation and solutions. Additionally, it aims to raise awareness on the newest technologies and their potential to improve services while also boosting productivity and dependability across a variety of industries.

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