Equatorial Guinea participates in GITEX Africa 2024, strengthening its presence in the African Tech Space

Equatorial Guinea participates in GITEX Africa 2024, strengthening its presence in the African Tech Space

Equatorial Guinea participates in GITEX Africa 2024, strengthening its presence in the African Tech Space
Equatorial Guinea participates in GITEX Africa 2024, strengthening its presence in the African Tech Space

GITEX Africa

“We believe in technology for the growth of our businesses and for the national economic diversification” said Oscar Ondo, CEO of GITGE, the company responsible for managing Equatorial Guinea’s submarine and terrestrial fiber optic network. 

GITGE, BANGE, IDENTIC GE, and the Ministry of Posts, Transport and Telecommunications, marked their presence at GITEX Africa 2024, held in Marrakech, Morocco, from June 19-21. The event brought together over 10,000 visitors and 400 exhibitors from around the world, including major players in the technology and information sector. The objective was to promote innovation and collaboration in the African region. 

From the Equatoguinean perspective, attending such events is strategic for future entry into the continent’s telecommunications map. Africa has the most active tech space globally, with various companies growing and prospering daily. Seizing current opportunities in this sector can guarantee a significant impact on the country’s GDP and constitutes a smart step towards economic diversification. 

Today, the African startup map resembles a marathon. From within countries that lead the market, it is observed that both public and private sectors are walking hand-in-hand with accelerators and incubators, and also investing in talent development and digital literacy. This is all to attract numerous seed capital opportunities available in the international market. “Literally, they can come from anywhere: companies, philanthropists, investment funds, business angels, foundations, advisory&invest investors. It is a very dynamic sector that constantly receives capital injections” added Oscar Ondo. 

Equatorial Guinea commits to the sector 
GITGE used its participation to promote Ecuatoguinean talents, present an overview of the national insights, and provide support to IDENTIC GE. The foundation debuted at the event with its four most prominent projects in 2024: Chicas en Tecnología (Girls in Technology), Robótica (Robotics), Educa (Education), and Alfabeto (Alphabet). At present, Identical operates at its maximum capacity but would like to expand its scope. “There is much to do and improve; our projects have a lot of success, but we need resources to expand their reach,” said Sylvia Makaryo, director of IDENTIC GE. 

The delegation composed by the National Bank of Equatorial Guinea (BANGE), reported that they are very satisfied with their participation in GITEX Africa 2024. “The event has been a success for us,” they said, “as we have been able to establish important contacts and discover a new portfolio of Fintech products and services. There is certainly an interested audience in Equatorial Guinea for more efficient financial services.” 

In addition to networking, seminars and conferences were held on key topics such as the development of the African technology industry, cybersecurity, and the digitalization of the economy. A panel on the future of African connectivity featured Olivia García, GITGE’s CTO, as an expert speaker. She shared her impressions and experiences in the national and international market as well as discussing the latest opportunities and challenges faced by the CEMAC region in Africa. 

From sunny Marrakech, clear digital skies have been observed; ICT is where the key lies for economic diversification of some African countries. Technology, innovation, and science are the driving force that can propel growth and prosperity in the continent. The CEMAC region recognizes that participating in events like GITEX Africa is crucial for connecting with the latest trends and opportunities in the technology sector. By discussing their own topics and exchanging experiences, the region can generate common solutions that benefit not only involved countries but also the region as a whole. 

“We hope to become a key player in the African technology sector’s development,” concluded the Vice-Minister of Telecommunications Candido Muatetema. 

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