Fostering Synergies Between Europe and Africa: Investing in African Energy Returns to Paris in 2024

Fostering Synergies Between Europe and Africa: Investing in African Energy Returns to Paris in 2024

Fostering Synergies Between Europe and Africa: Investing in African Energy Returns to Paris in 2024
Fostering Synergies Between Europe and Africa: Investing in African Energy Returns to Paris in 2024

Energy Capital & Power

With the support of the African Energy Chamber (AEC) ( , role-players attending Investing in African Energy 2024 will get to engage with experts and decision-makers to gain insights on African energy project development while learning about the current situation and the prospective opportunities. 

Centering around forging relationships, connecting funds with energy projects and creating mutually beneficial public-private partnerships, the forum will open both European and African doors to conversations that will help to shape Africa’s energy future.

Investing in African Energy 2024 serves as a critical bridge between Europe and Africa, facilitating collaboration and driving investment toward sustainable energy advancement. This renowned event brings together industry leaders, investors and policymakers, creating a pivotal platform to foster strategic collaboration, promote local content development and accelerate sustainable energy solutions across the continent. Additionally, the forum will examine the impact of these investments on economic diversification, regional integration, employment opportunities and electrification throughout the region.

With an unwavering commitment to advancing collaboration, the forum stands as a catalyst for driving advancements in the pursuit of global energy security. An array of key features tailored to facilitate meaningful interactions and drive impactful outcomes include:

  • Two days of engagement: Investing in African Energy offers two days of intensive engagement, ensuring participants have ample time to explore discussions, build partnerships, and gain insights from esteemed industry experts.
  • Networking reception: The dedicated networking reception, a highlight of the 2023 event, remains a focal point for attendees. It offers a unique platform for participants to connect, exchange ideas and establish connections that often extend beyond the confines of the event.
  • Business-to-business matchmaking: Acknowledging the role of tailored business interactions in driving tangible outcomes, the 2024 forum will continue to include business-to-business matchmaking sessions. These sessions facilitate the exploration of potential partnerships and investment avenues, thus enhancing the forum’s value proposition.
  • Investor and country spotlights: Inspired by the valuable insights shared by African nations at the forefront of African energy and key industry players, the 2024 forum will feature in-depth investor and country spotlights. These segments offer attendees unparalleled access to the thoughts, strategies and initiatives of prominent industry players and nations.

“Investing in African Energy 2024 holds great promise for both the European and African energy sectors. By uniting stakeholders from both regions, the forum fosters cross-border interactions that pave the way for impactful projects, technology exchange, and mutual growth. It’s a remarkable opportunity for Europe and Africa to jointly shape the energy landscape, creating a win-win scenario that propels global energy security and economic development forward,” says Devi Paulsen-Abbott, CEO of Energy Capital&Power (ECP).

As Europe and Africa continue cooperative efforts to shape the future of energy, the forum stands at the crossroads of innovation, connection, and growth. This convergence marks a significant step toward a brighter, more energy-empowered future for both regions.

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