Harvard Professors to Lead 7-Week Online Course for Africa’s Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Harvard Professors to Lead 7-Week Online Course for Africa’s Aspiring Entrepreneurs

<div>Harvard Professors to Lead 7-Week Online Course for Africa's Aspiring Entrepreneurs</div>
<div>Harvard Professors to Lead 7-Week Online Course for Africa's Aspiring Entrepreneurs</div>


December 15 marks the exciting launch of enrollment for AfricaLive!, a ground-breaking 7-week online course meticulously designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential skills and insights for success in the rapidly evolving African business landscape.

This highly anticipated program is the product of an extraordinary collaboration, bringing together the academic expertise of Harvard Business School Professors Caroline Elkins, Tarun Khanna, and Karim Lakhani with the leadership acumen of the Aspire Institute, the digital proficiency of Africa.com, and the community-centric vision of the Sight and Life Foundation. This unique fusion creates a comprehensive educational journey tailored to the diverse business environment of Africa.

Highlighting the program’s relevance, Professor Tarun Khanna of Harvard Business School remarked, “Africa is on the brink of exciting transitions and represents one of the more important markets of the near future. This program is ideal for anyone engaged in an entrepreneurial journey and can benefit from like-minded people and committed faculty.

What sets AfricaLive! apart from other online courses is its dynamic live component, a feature that transcends the typical virtual learning experience. Each week, participants have the exclusive opportunity to join Zoom sessions where Harvard Faculty not only teach but also actively engage in in-depth discussions. This interactive format allows for real-time engagement, offering a platform for lively debates, immediate feedback, and personalized learning experiences. Unlike conventional online courses where the learning is often passive and solitary, these live sessions foster a vibrant learning community, facilitating direct interaction with some of the world’s leading educators and thinkers. This unique aspect of AfricaLive! ensures that participants don’t just consume information, but actively partake in the co-creation of knowledge, making their educational journey both engaging and deeply enriching.

Distinctive in its approach, AfricaLive! integrates theoretical knowledge with practical applications. The course is structured to equip participants with the necessary tools and insights to successfully navigate and excel in Africa’s varied and dynamic markets. It features live sessions with Harvard faculty and African industry leaders, augmented by a rich compilation of asynchronous materials and case studies at HarvardX.

More than just an academic course, AfricaLive! is a real-world, practical experience, preparing participants to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities in African entrepreneurship. It’s perfectly suited for business professionals, emerging entrepreneurs, and anyone passionate about African markets, offering a rare chance to learn from world-class educators, engage with African business leaders, and connect with a professional network.

Upon completion of the AfricaLive! course, participants have the distinct advantage of receiving two esteemed certifications, marking a significant milestone in their educational journey. For the asynchronous component of the program, students will be awarded a verified certificate from HarvardX, a testament to their mastery of the rigorous academic content delivered by Harvard Business School. This certification is not only a recognition of their intellectual diligence but also a valuable credential from one of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions. In addition, participants will receive a professional certificate from AfricaLive!, acknowledging their active engagement and successful application of knowledge in the live, interactive segments of the course. This dual certification, encompassing both theoretical and practical aspects of learning, significantly enhances the participants’ professional profiles, showcasing their comprehensive understanding and skills in navigating the African business landscape.

Committed to inclusivity, AfricaLive! provides interest-free payment plans and need-based scholarships to ensure broad accessibility. In addition, a strategic partnership with Flutterwave allows for convenient payment in local currencies, further enhancing access for a diverse range of participants, including the pan-African audience and the African diaspora.

This unique opportunity enables individuals to invest in a Harvard-caliber education specifically tailored to one of the world’s most dynamic and promising markets. Prospective participants are encouraged to enroll promptly to secure their place in this transformative program.

Enrollment for AfricaLive! is now open at AfricaLive.education, with the course scheduled to run from March 16 to April 27, 2024.

For more information about the course, please visit AfricaLive.education.

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