Inaugural Africa Health Indaba 2023: Pioneering a Resilient Future for Africa’s Healthcare Landscape

Inaugural Africa Health Indaba 2023: Pioneering a Resilient Future for Africa’s Healthcare Landscape

<div>Inaugural Africa Health Indaba 2023: Pioneering a Resilient Future for Africa's Healthcare Landscape</div>

<div>Inaugural Africa Health Indaba 2023: Pioneering a Resilient Future for Africa's Healthcare Landscape</div>

Pioneers in the medical industry will gather alongside high-level representatives from government and business in October, for the inaugural Africa Health Indaba in Gauteng.

The Indaba takes place during the annual Africa Health Congress and is an evolution of the Leaders Forum event that was previously hosted during this annual gathering.

Set to be inaugurated by Mr Panyaza Lusufi, Premier of Gauteng province, the Indaba seeks to position Africa as a leader in medical innovation, spearheading global change.

By focusing on the local production of drugs and machines, fostering resilient supply chains, and promoting local industry, the event signifies Africa’s commitment to leading medical innovation in areas where it is most needed and where resources are often most stretched.

A core component of the Indaba’s discussions is the imperative of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). UHC is a critical goal for health systems worldwide and holds particular significance for Africa.

The Indaba will create a platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing about achieving UHC in the African context. It addresses the unique challenges and opportunities that Africa presents and delves into the practicalities of resource sharing and balancing costs to stakeholders across the continent.

“A key focus of the discussions will be the alignment with the vision and trajectory of the South African NHI, currently a contested issue. The Indaba will provide an important forum for understanding how Africa’s healthcare future can reconcile with the NHI’s objectives, fostering an integrated and equitable health system,” says Dr Bandile Hadebe, spokesperson for the organisers of the event.

The Africa Health Indaba is more than a platform for dialogue and innovation. It serves as a roadmap for sustainable healthcare systems, universal health coverage, and fostering regional cohesion.

The event aligns with the principles of medical science and evidence-driven decision making, maintaining a non-partisan stance, and focusing on global best practices.

“The inaugural Africa Health Indaba is an elevated conversation at the heart of Africa’s premier health industry summit. It offers an opportunity to network at the highest levels in a space of robust engagement featuring a balanced diversity of both technical and social perspectives, as well as inclusive stakeholder representation, including government, public, private and industry engagement,” says Dr Hadebe.

Each discussion is formatted and structured to ensure efficient knowledge sharing at the highest level and will culminate in a set of guidelines that will be published and distributed among stakeholders, ensuring the ideas and strategies discussed at the Indaba translate into concrete, actionable plans.

Drawing on the latest trends and innovations from both international and transcontinental perspectives, the Indaba will serve as a hub for learning and exchange. This approach will help to position Africa is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, leveraging global knowledge while tailoring solutions to local conditions and contexts.

The inaugural Africa Health Indaba is set to become an essential platform driving tangible change in Africa’s healthcare landscape.

It signifies a commitment to leading the way in medical innovation, thereby fostering a prosperous and resilient future for the continent.

It takes place on Wednesday 18 October 2023 at Gallagher Estate in Gauteng, as part of the annual Africa Health Congress.

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About Africa Health:

  • Africa Health is organised by the Informa Markets’ Global Healthcare Group. It takes place at Gallagher Estate in Gauteng (South Africa) between 17 and 19 October 2023. The Africa Health Indaba takes place on day two, on Wednesday 18 October 2023.
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