Lesotho: His Majesty Unveils Revival Torch

Lesotho: His Majesty Unveils Revival Torch

Lesotho: His Majesty Unveils Revival Torch

Lesotho: His Majesty Unveils Revival Torch

In a radiant ceremony at the Royal Palace in Maseru, His Majesty King Letsie III unveils the revival torch a symbol of hope and rejuvenation.

His Majesty said the national revival torch is a monument aimed to be a beacon of hope and light at the beginning of this journey.

He said the country is faced with different challenges that include assaults, murders and other criminal activities, saying the nation has lost its founding values urging the nation to introspect and advocate for change in this regard.

He said he hoped that by lighting this lamp God would help the nation to return to its foundations of peace and prosperity.

His Majesty applauded Project REE and its partners for having hosted this event, asking Basotho to stand together and mend the image of Lesotho.

Archbishop Lerotholi Tlali delivered a powerful address, invoking messages of unity, resilience, and collective determination. His words echoed the spirit of solidarity, urging the nation to come together in the pursuit of a brighter future.

Archbishop Tlali said that the Christian Council of Lesotho they are saying the event they have launched should be given a clear name which represents the event, saying the name they have for this event is Jubilee Year.

He noted that the terms of Jubilee indicate the time for reflection, revival and repentance, saying one condition of Jubilee is rebirth and resuscitation of the founding values of this nation.

The Royal Palace grounds buzzed with excitement and reverence as attendees marvelled at the significance of the occasion. The Revival Torch, now an emblem of hope, was met with awe and admiration from all present, symbolizing a commitment to overcome adversity and forge a path towards prosperity.

The presence of the Prime Minister and key cabinet members underscored the government’s support for this initiative, emphasizing the importance of national unity and progress in Lesotho’s journey ahead.

The event concluded with a sense of optimism and determination lingering in the air, as the Revival Torch’s glow lit not just the Royal Palace but also the aspirations of the nation. It served as a testament to the enduring spirit of the people and their collective resolve to build a brighter tomorrow.

The unveiling of the Revival Torch at the Royal Palace stands as a testament to the unity and determination of Lesotho, symbolizing a new chapter of hope and progress under the guidance of His Majesty King Letsie III.

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