Lesotho: Minister Urges Basotho to Plough Wheat

Lesotho: Minister Urges Basotho to Plough Wheat

Lesotho: Minister Urges Basotho to Plough Wheat

Lesotho: Minister Urges Basotho to Plough Wheat

The Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition, Mr. Thabo Mofosi has urged farmers to plant more wheat for winter ploughing as this year the ministry is going to change farming methods.

The Minister said this when addressing the media at the press conference held at the Ministry’s premises in Maseru on Friday.

Mr. Mofosi said they will produce more food supplies from the same fields this year as they will conduct a soil survey and change the way they have been handling the land.

He said as a way to increase agriculture production, they are going to help farmers by showing them how to use agricultural machinery, saying the ministry will hold an exhibition at Kolonyama in the Leribe district.

He added that during the exhibition, experts in machinery will be engaged to teach farmers how to use different types of machinery during farming and harvesting time, noting that this is because the ministry has noticed that farmers do not know how to use the agricultural equipment hence the reason why in some cases agriculture produce is not successful.

In regard to food storage, Mr. Mofosi said they have been in talks with Lesotho Flour Mills that farmers around the district of Maseru will use their storage while waiting to sell their produce, adding that farmers in other districts will use Disaster Management Authority (DMA) storages and ensured that every district will have a harvesting combine.

The Minister said their expectation is that 5400 hectares will plant wheat and 3 tans per head will be produced while 16200 tans will be harvested.

When talking about the fertilisers, he said fertilisers are there in their storages and will be available for farmers for winter ploughing at the same rates as last year.

On the other hand, the Minister said they have proposed soft loans for farmers from the banks, saying they are however waiting for the banks’ response.

In conclusion, he urged Basotho to invest more in agriculture as it is a secure investment for the county’s economic growth.

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