Libya’s Oil and Gas Minister Mohamed Aoun to Lead E&P Dialogue During African Energy Week (AEW) 2023

Libya’s Oil and Gas Minister Mohamed Aoun to Lead E&P Dialogue During African Energy Week (AEW) 2023

<div>Libya’s Oil and Gas Minister Mohamed Aoun to Lead E&P Dialogue During African Energy Week (AEW) 2023</div>
<div>Libya’s Oil and Gas Minister Mohamed Aoun to Lead E&P Dialogue During African Energy Week (AEW) 2023</div>

African Energy Week (AEW)

Following several disruptions to oil and gas activity in recent years, Libya’s energy sector is on the cusp of a transformation with new fields being brought online, production accelerating across key assets and upstream campaigns unlocking new finds in untapped acreage. As the market grows, investment opportunities are increasing, and the country’s Minister of Oil and Gas Mohamed Aoun will showcase these prospects during the 2023 edition of African Energy Week (AEW) ( – taking place from October 16-20 in Cape Town.

As the Minister, H.E. Aoun oversees Libya’s oil and gas sector with multifaceted responsibilities encompassing a broad range of crucial tasks, including the regulation and management of oil and gas exploration, production, processing, and exportation. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the sector’s future by formulating policies and strategies for the country’s energy industry. He is also responsible for negotiating contracts with foreign corporations, ensuring that they align with Libya’s interests, and representing the nation at international energy-related events, projecting an influential image of Libya’s energy sector on a global stage.

As one of the leading oil producers in Africa, Libya’s energy sector underwent significant reform in 2021, making it an attractive destination for global players. With the establishment of the Government of National Unity and the restoration of the Ministry, Libya is now on a path towards increased investment and development in the energy sector. This progress is further fueled by the alignment and integration of the sector.

Despite facing a roller-coaster of period regarding oil production, the country’s state-owned energy company, the National Oil Corporation (NOC), remains determined to increase production further, with the country producing 1.2 million barrels per day in April 2023. According to the International Monetary Fund, the country expects production to increase by a further 15% this year, opening new opportunities for revenue generation and economic growth.

Meanwhile, Libya’s strategic location along with its vast energy resources makes it an important player in the global energy market. Given the right investments and regulatory reforms, Libya has the potential to elevate its standing and become a prominent energy exporter, thereby playing a pivotal role in shaping global energy security. With a careful and strategic approach, the country has the capacity to contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the energy sector, not only within its borders but across the world.

“We are honored to have H.E. Mohamed Aoun and the Ministry of Oil and Gas for Libya join us at AEW 2023. The Minister’s expertise and insight on Libya’s energy potential and regulatory progress will certainly contribute to our discussions on the future of the African energy industry. As we work towards making energy poverty history by 2030, the presence of prominent figures such as H.E. Aoun is essential in ensuring that we are moving in the right direction,” stated NJ Ayuk, the Executive Chairman of the AEC.

At AEW 2023, H.E. Mohamed Aoun, will lead an extensive discussion that revolves around Libya’s energy prospects, advancements made in regulatory reforms, and its crucial position in the global energy sphere. The conversation promises to be stimulating and informative, shedding light on the diverse facets of Libya’s energy sector and the impact it has on the world.

AEW is the AEC’s interactive exhibition and networking event that seeks to unite African energy stakeholders, drive industry growth and development, and promote Africa as the destination for African-focused events.

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