Mauritania Minister of Petroleum, Mines and Energy to Attend African Energy Week (AEW)

Mauritania Minister of Petroleum, Mines and Energy to Attend African Energy Week (AEW)

Mauritania Minister of Petroleum, Mines and Energy to Attend African Energy Week (AEW)
Mauritania Minister of Petroleum, Mines and Energy to Attend African Energy Week (AEW)

African Energy Week (AEW)

The African Energy Chamber (AEC), the voice of Africa’s energy sector, is honored to announce that H.E. Abdessalam Ould Mohamed Saleh, will be delivering a keynote speech at African Energy Week (AEW) (, Africa’s premier energy event, taking place from October 16-20, 2023, in Cape Town. H.E. Abdessalam Ould Mohamed Saleh, who is participating at the event for the first time, will showcase the developments in Mauritania’s energy sector, with a focus on gas and hydrogen projects.

As the global energy industry continues to evolve, Mauritania’s efforts in the gas and hydrogen sectors are capturing the attention of industry leaders and investors alike. With his extensive experience and deep understanding of Mauritania’s energy sector, H.E. Mohamed Saleh’s keynote address at AEW promises to offer invaluable insights. He will provide a comprehensive overview of the developments achieved, the untapped potential for development, and the lucrative investment opportunities within the gas and hydrogen sectors. As part of the MSGBC region, Mauritania boasts promising oil and gas reserves, and H.E. Mohamed Saleh will undoubtedly captivate investors at AEW, encouraging them to capitalize on these abundant prospects.

With a degree in economics from the Faculty of Law and Economics of Tunis and a diploma of advanced studies in development economics from the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, he has established a solid understanding of economic principles. Additionally, his diploma from the National School of Administration (ENA) underscores his dedication to public administration and governance. This expertise positions him as an ideal candidate to grasp the intricacies of Mauritania’s gas and hydrogen market and formulate effective policies that place the country in a favorable position. His knowledge and skills will undoubtedly contribute to drive the energy sector forward and maximize the benefits for Mauritania.

Under his leadership, H.E. Mohamed Saleh, plans to position Mauritania as an attractive destination for investment in the gas and hydrogen sector. The Minister is investing in developing its gas market as it aims to invest roughly $20 billion into liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure, gas-to-power systems and LNG export facilities. The country is currently developing, along with Senegal, the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) LNG project, lead by bp with partners, Kosmos Energy, Petrosen and the Societe Mauritaninne des Hydrocarbures (SMH). Spreading over 33, 000 km2, the GTA is estimated to hold approximately 15 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas. This will not only contribute to the country’s energy security but to the whole MSGBC region.

Mauritania’s abundant solar and wind energy potential positions it as an attractive global green hydrogen market, with favorable export opportunities due to its proximity to Europe. The country has ambitious plans to achieve 80 GW of electrolyzer capacity in hydrogen projects, with renowned companies actively involved. However, securing financing and developing the necessary infrastructure are key challenges. Notably, countries like Germany and institutions like the World Bank have shown interest in supporting Mauritania’s hydrogen initiatives. AEW provides a platform to showcase these projects and attract further investments to the sector.

Stepping into this picture, during AEW 2023, H.E. Mohamed Saleh will deliver a speech highlighting the progress made, future for developments, and the significance of gas and hydrogen projects in Mauritania. His presence will attract investors, foster regional cooperation, and promote Mauritania as an attractive destination for energy investments. The Minister will also engage in discussions, networking sessions, and meetings with industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders to further promote Mauritania’s energy sector and explore avenues for collaboration and partnerships.

“The Chamber is delighted to have H.E. Mohamed Saleh joining us at African Energy Week. His presence underscores the importance of this event as a platform for showcasing the significant developments in Mauritania’s gas and hydrogen sector. These projects hold immense potential for the country, as they pave the way for economic growth, energy diversification, and sustainable development. The Minister’s attendance demonstrates the government’s commitment to attracting investment, fostering regional cooperation, and positioning Mauritania as a leading player in the African energy landscape,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.

AEW is the AEC’s annual conference, exhibition and networking event. AEW 2023 will unite African energy policymakers and stakeholders with global investors to discuss and maximize opportunities within the continent’s entire energy industry. For more information about AEW 2023, visit

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