Seeds of Peace: UN Women’s Support for Feminist Peacemakers in Sudan

Seeds of Peace: UN Women’s Support for Feminist Peacemakers in Sudan

<div>Seeds of Peace: UN Women's Support for Feminist Peacemakers in Sudan</div>

<div>Seeds of Peace: UN Women's Support for Feminist Peacemakers in Sudan</div>

The strength of Sudanese women has endured, even before the war started on April 15th 2023. Despite facing tough times and challenges over many years, they stayed strong, facing difficulties with courage and determination, kept their families and communities strong, advocating for peace every step of the way. Throughout Sudan’s history, Sudanese women have led the way in responding to crises. Their strength and determination have been a source of hope during difficult times.

By providing platforms, resources, and support, UN Women played a role in amplifying the voices of Sudanese feminist peacemakers. They facilitated connections between these feminist change makers and regional as well as global influential actors, ensuring that their perspectives and efforts were heard and recognized on a broader scale. UN Women empowered these women to participate effectively in peacebuilding efforts, bridging local grassroots movements with regional and international networks. Through these collaborative efforts, feminist peacemakers are contributing substantially to advancing peace and gender equality agendas globally.

Through consultations in September 2023 with more than 350 internally displaced groups, refugee women, and diverse communities across Sudan, the needs, and priorities of women during times of crisis were brought to the forefront. These consultations laid the groundwork for a historic gathering in Kampala in October 2023, where Sudanese women, with the support of UN Women, came together to forge a feminist peace agenda. The conference in Kampala was a turning point, a moment of solidarity and empowerment for Sudanese women. Together, they crafted a declaration outlining their vision for peace and justice, addressing the immediate needs of women in conflict zones while also tackling the systemic causes of violence and vulnerability.

But the journey didn’t end there. With the support of UN Women, Sudanese women took their message to the regional and global stage. They participated in regional and international events, sharing their stories, insights, and demands for peace with the world. In New York, on the margins of the October 2023 Security Council Open Debate on Women, Peace, and Security, Sudanese women presented a powerful statement, urging world leaders to take action to end the war. They also made their voices heard at the African Union Peace and Security Council and the Gender Is My Agenda Campaign (GIMAC) event in February 2024, leaving an indelible mark on the global conversation on peace and security.

Mariam Hamid, a Women’s Rights Activist, says “My participation in the Kampala conference for Sudanese Women and the GIMAC event reignited my hope and determination to advocate for women’s inclusion in the peace processes through

these powerful platforms. I recognize that women are the most affected by the war in Sudan, and we play a pivotal role in contributing to peace efforts. I also believe in the inherent power of women to make a difference and vow to continue my meaningful work in this regard.”

Sudanese women, both at home and in the diaspora, stood strong in their advocacy efforts. They sent powerful statements to leaders around the world, demanding an end to the violence and shining a light on the urgent needs of women in areas affected by conflict. With the backing of UN Women, more than five statements were sent to key regional and global decision-makers, including the UNSG, Security Council, actors involved in Jeddah talks, and the League of Arab States (LAS). Their voices echoed across continents, calling for peace and justice in Sudan.

As a clear testament to the power of the women’s collective efforts, regional actors are engaging with more Sudanese women in the ongoing peace negotiations. This reflects an increased focus on inclusivity of women and girls. Adjaratou Ndiaye, UN Women Sudan Country representative says “By advocating to the international community during the 68th Commission of the Status of Women about the need to not neglect the Sudan war in the context of a global turmoil, Sudanese women are showing that they are at the forefront to alleviate the suffering of their people and end the devastating war. UN Women has committed to help the women movement navigate the complex terrain since the 2019 Revolution by ensuring women meaningful participation in all fora discussing and deciding the future of the country.”

Through it all, UN Women committed to stand by the Sudanese women’s side, providing support, and unwavering solidarity. Together, they proved that even in the midst of war and crisis, the voices of women cannot be silenced, and their power to effect change knows no bounds.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of UN Women – Africa.