Shaji UI Mulk founder and chairman of Mulk International launches a state-of-the-art lifestyle property in Zimbabwe

Shaji UI Mulk founder and chairman of Mulk International launches a state-of-the-art lifestyle property in Zimbabwe

Shaji UI Mulk founder and chairman of Mulk International launches a state-of-the-art lifestyle property in Zimbabwe
Shaji UI Mulk founder and chairman of Mulk International launches a state-of-the-art lifestyle property in Zimbabwe

Mulk International

Zim Cyber City is an incredible world-class property development that was recently launched and opened in Harare, Zimbabwe by Mulk International (

Shaji Ul Mulk, the founder and chairman of Mulk International, is accomplished entrepreneur and business who has been recently ranked 4th out of the top 100 most inspiring leaders in the Middle East. Shaji UI Mulk, with an unwavering commitment to growth and innovation, possesses a global perspective, and he is currently expanding his business ventures on a global scale, with a particular focus on the African continent.

The Mulk International Group has a diverse portfolio and is growing annually. The company’s portfolio ranges from manufacturing metal composite panels and LGS homes to real estate, sports assets, and healthcare. With an impressive net worth of over $2 billion, they have been the recipient of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s MRM award for the best foreign manufacturer in the UAE.

Mulk International’s latest $500 million real estate project is the launch of the out-of-this-world Zim Cyber City in Mount Hampden, Harare ( Zim Cyber City offers a blend of upscale living and premium business facilities, with state-of-the-art amenities and services.

Zim Cyber City emerges as one of Africa’s most promising, exciting, and luxurious pieces of real estate. This state-of-the-art development has been compared to the Downtown and Sheikh Zayed Road developments in Dubai, UAE. 

Zim Cyber City offers high-end, secure residential living with lavish villas and luxurious townhouses as well as a duty-free mall. With a variety of entertainment, parks and greenery, dining options, waterfront access, medical facilities, and schools. 

Africa’s most captivating real estate development is now available to welcome residents and enterprises, with a promising outlook for future advancements that will solidify Africa’s position as a prominent player in the business and community domains.

Zim Cyber City is the first of many Mulk International Real Estate projects in Zimbabwe as well as the African continent. This iconic landmark will strengthen and promote the Zimbabwe business ecosystem. 

This one-of-a-kind property development is managed by Zimbabwe Global Investments (ZGI), operating within the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), and authorized by Zimbabwe’s President, Emmerson Mnangagwa. The President also granted Mulk International an exclusive license to establish a blockchain and digital assets special economic zone.

We are keen to witness Zim Cyber City’s role in the successful integration of blockchain and crypto technology and premium, residential living. I am thankful to The President, H.E Emmerson Mnangagwa, for his staunch support in making Zim Cyber City a project of national importance”, said Shaji UI Mulk.

Purchasers, investors, and Zim Cyber City tenants will all enjoy substantial advantages. In fact, they will have access to a range of enticing incentives, including but not limited to:

  • Freehold ownership of properties with title deed
  • Pre-approved mortgage from banks in USD
  • All transactions fixed in USD.
  • Exemption of import duties for all furniture and fittings
  • A Corporate license that will grant the buyer with:
  1. Free repatriation of capital and profits without any limit caps
  2. Ease of fund transfers in and out of the country through local or foreign bank accounts without any cap
  3.  Exemption from paying all taxes for a period of 5 years and a flat 15% tax after five years.
  4. Freehold re-sale of the real estate
  5. Permission to employ foreign staff at a flat rate of 15% tax.

When asked why Zimbabwe, Shaji UI Mulk answered: Zim Cyber City is the first of many investments that our group, Mulk International, has committed to delivering through the special economic status channel of Zimbabwe Global Investments. We have worked diligently to understand the market and gain greater insight into Zimbabwe’s culture and its bountiful opportunities. The depth of resources and advanced digital capabilities across industries gives Zim Cyber City concrete, long-term growth prospects”.

Investing in Africa provides a remarkable opportunity for Mulk International to capitalize on the extraordinary potential that the continent offers. With its diverse and stunning landscapes, Africa is not just a destination but an emerging hub of economic growth and innovation. By strategically investing and creating opportunities in Africa, Mulk International can play a pivotal role in shaping the continent’s future. This endeavor stands to benefit both the company and the African continent. Africa’s vast resources, untapped markets, and a burgeoning consumer base present an ideal landscape for expansion and sustainable business growth. This investment is not just about financial returns; it’s a commitment to participating in Africa’s development journey and contributing to its economic and social progress.

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About Mulk International:
Mulk International is a global enterprise known for innovation and excellence. We are a diversified business interests with operations in 11 countries and market reach of 90 countries. With a strong presence in real estate, sustainable energy, and sports, we are committed to driving progress and providing tailored solutions. Our initiatives in Africa, like Zim Cyber City, demonstrate our vision for sustainable development. We leverage cutting-edge technology and socially responsible practices to make a global impact while emphasizing quality, sustainability, and community development.

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About Zim Global Invest:
Zim Global Invest is responsible for managing Zim Cyber City, aiming to create a significant and innovative real estate presence in Zimbabwe. This development has garnered attention for its scale and ambition, potentially offering lucrative investment opportunities in Zimbabwe’s real estate market. The development encompasses a 2.5 million square foot space in Mount Hampden and includes luxury villas available for pre-selling in the first phase. Zim Cyber City is regarded as one of the most captivating real estate projects on the African continent.

About Zim Cyber City:
Zim Cyber City is a significant real estate development project in Zimbabwe aimed at creating a self-contained intelligent city with high-quality infrastructure. This project has generated global interest due to its innovative approach. The city is designed to be a hub of modern technology and urban development, emphasizing both residential and commercial spaces. The construction of villas in Zim Cyber City is set to begin, marking progress in this ambitious development.