Shining the Spotlight on #BlackExcellence in Civic Engagement and Politics

Shining the Spotlight on #BlackExcellence in Civic Engagement and Politics

Shining the Spotlight on #BlackExcellence in Civic Engagement and Politics
Shining the Spotlight on #BlackExcellence in Civic Engagement and Politics

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The influential history of Black individuals and organizations in civic engagement and political leadership throughout the world is incontrovertible and enduring. Strong leadership plays a crucial role in shaping the world and driving social progress, bringing innovation and opportunity to the realms of business, science, technology, sports, arts, and literature. As such, this year’s Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS), taking place in Dubai on February 27, 2024, will honor the achievements and untapped potential of Black leaders in politics and civic engagement.

Concern for the welfare and civil rights of all people has been an outspoken theme in the policies of Black civic leaders for over a century. As an outspoken advocate for desegregation and unity in the United States (U.S.) during the mid-20th Century, French dancer, singer, actress, and activist, Josephine Baker became the first Black women inducted to the Panthéon in Paris, which came as a result of her contributions to French culture and the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.

Moreover, as a long-time advocate for African American equality, Coretta Scott King was an author, activist, and civil rights leader whose prominent role during the U.S.’s Civil Rights Movement enthused Black participation in the U.S. political system, driving progress and spurring change in the country’s political landscape. Furthermore, her long-standing opposition to Apartheid in South Africa in the 1980s prompted nationwide protests against the country’s racial policies, contributing to the regime’s dismantling.

Additionally, despite his relatively short career in government, former Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba’s contributions to de-colonialism and African nationalist movements in the 20th century are defined by dignity, humanity, strength, and unity, and whose administration played a significant role in the transformation of the Republic of Congo from a colony into an independent republic.

Meanwhile, having jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018 for his efforts to end wartime sexual violence in Central Africa, Dr. Denis Mukwege is a Congolese gynecologist who serves in the Board Membership of numerous organizations and agencies that advocates healthcare and support for survivors of conflict. Dr. Mukwege’s accomplishments in the fields of medicine and care in Africa has resulted in the growth of a culture of peace in the continent’s Central region.

The accomplishments of these individuals and the many more in the global leadership and civic engagement space have laid the foundation for transformational change worldwide. As a platform for uniting the global Black community, GBIS will shine the spotlight on Black excellence, with achievement in civic engagement and politics celebrated. The conference, which serves to highlight the contributions, achievements, and influence of Black leaders from all over the world, takes place under the theme, Black Excellence: Unleashing the Unexplored Potential for Global Unity. The summit encapsulates the profound impact of Black individuals on the global stage while serving as a platform for networking, celebration, and the realization of the true potential of a united global community.

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About Global Black Impact Summit 2024:
Organized by Energy Capital&Power, the Global Black Impact Summit is an annual event that seeks to celebrate the achievements of the Black community, promote excellence, and explore untapped potential across various fields. This year’s summit is set to be a transformative experience, featuring influential speakers, engaging panel discussions, and networking opportunities that encourage attendees to reach new heights.

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