South Africa: President Ramaphosa welcomes 10 Year Review of the National Development Plan

South Africa: President Ramaphosa welcomes 10 Year Review of the National Development Plan

South Africa: President Ramaphosa welcomes 10 Year Review of the National Development Plan

South Africa: President Ramaphosa welcomes 10 Year Review of the National Development Plan

President Cyril Ramaphosa has welcomed the review report of the National Development Plan (NDP) presented by the National Planning Commission (NPC) on Tuesday, 1 August 2023 at the Union Buildings.

The NPC briefed the President about their findings having reviewed the country’s progress against the objectives and targets of the National Development Plan: Vision 2030 (NDP) in the past decade. The NDP, which was drafted by the first Commission in the 2010-2012 period and adopted by all parties represented in Parliament in 2012, is the long-term plan for national development. It provides guidance for all Government policy formulation and implementation. 

In this regard, Government uses the Medium-Term Strategic Framework in order to implement the NDP in a structured manner, across Government departments and spheres. It is also used to mobilise all South Africans to take ownership of the country’s long-term plan, its objectives, and targets.

One of the main findings made in the Ten-Year Review of the NPC was that the economy was not only failing to grow at the rate required for the objectives of NDP to materialise, but the economy was also not structured to serve the interests of all South Africans, resulting in poverty and inequality remaining extremely high and persistent. 

The report further stated that the economic, social, and spatial legacies of apartheid, inappropriate economic policies that prevent redistribution, and the hollowing out of state capacity during the state capture years continue to undermine both South Africa’s competitiveness and the potential of its people. 

The review recommended that planning be institutionalised and made a cross-cutting imperative across the state and Government sector to enable the country to make the necessary progress towards the attainment of the NDP goals and targets.

“We need to embark on a course of action to get the country back on the developmental path envisaged by the Plan and place more focus on resolving key issues related to the provision of energy, addressing infrastructure backlogs including transport and freight, building state capacity, and addressing the apartheid spatial legacies,” said Prof Tinyiko Maluleke, Deputy Chairperson of the Commission. 

“Despite the challenges experienced, the objectives of eliminating poverty, and reducing unemployment and inequality, which are the overarching goals of the NDP, should and must remain the country’s priority if it is to uplift the conditions of its people,” said Hon. Maropene Ramokgopa, Minister in The Presidency responsible for Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation and Chairperson of the Commission.

“The 10 Year Review of the NDP will assist us in identifying the systemic issues that limit the effectiveness of the state and its social partners in making greater progress. We need to be able to plan better, to integrate and coordinate the work of different departments and institutions, and to ensure that we are using our limited resources most effectively.

It is important that the State has the capacity to meet its developmental responsibilities, that it is appropriately structured that has the right people in the right places with the appropriate skills and ethos” said President Ramaphosa.

President Ramaphosa committed his administration’s support to the commission and to ensure that the proposals presented are incorporated into Government across all departments and spheres. 

The President further underscored the importance of strong leadership and partnership with, labour, civil society, communities and business in effecting the envisaged change. 

The NPC is an independent planning body, comprising a diverse group of experts in various fields, appointed by the President to advise Government on the country’s long-term development as contained in the National Development Plan. 

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