TelCables Will Showcase Connectivity Solutions at the Nigerian Peering & Interconnection Forum

TelCables Will Showcase Connectivity Solutions at the Nigerian Peering & Interconnection Forum

<div>TelCables Will Showcase Connectivity Solutions at the Nigerian Peering & Interconnection Forum</div>

<div>TelCables Will Showcase Connectivity Solutions at the Nigerian Peering & Interconnection Forum</div>

TelCables Nigeria ( is excited to announce its participation at the upcoming Nigerian Peering&Interconnection Forum (ngPIF) scheduled to take place from October 23rd to 26th, 2023, at the prestigious Eko Hotels&Suites in Lagos, Nigeria.

The company which is the regional operator for Nigeria and West Africa, a leading player in the telecommunications industry, extends an invitation to all ngPIF attendees to explore its range of innovative connectivity solutions. Delegates can connect with TelCables’ team of experts who will demonstrate its offerings at its booth number 8.

The Nigerian Peering&Interconnection Forum is an essential must-attend event for infrastructure providers, content providers, service providers, and policymakers in the telecommunications sector. It provides a unique platform for industry professionals to engage, share experiences, and learn from experts in their field.

“The invitation for our presence at the Nigerian Peering&Interconnection Forum is a pivotal opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the West African region and our desire to establish valuable connections with potential customers and business partners offering more than 6000 peering agreements, reducing latency from Africa to more than 26 IXPs an opportunity for Nigerian companies who can efficiently benefit from our products.” says Nigeria country Manager, Fernando Fernandes.

Telcables West Africa benefits from Angola Cables global presence as the most interconnected African operator according to the AS Caida Ranking, and is powered by the company’s global submarine network, including WACS, SACS, Monet, Equiano, and Djoliba Network for West Africa, also offering robust and reliable connectivity across the African continent and more than 66 interconnected Data Centers reach in Africa, Latin America, US and Europe.

To book meetings with TelCables representatives during the event, please visit this dedicated landing page and set up a discussion on how TelCables’ products can benefit companies of all sizes, backed by the extensive network of Angola Cables.

TelCables Nigeria is excited to connect with industry peers, share their expertise, and explore opportunities for collaboration at the ngPIF. Make sure to stop by TelCable’s booth to discover the future of telecommunications.

About TelCables products that will be featured Nigerian Peering&Interconnection Forum:

IP Transit Plus Anti-DDoS: enables access to global content with the world’s main Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and speeds of up to 10 Gbps. This is a high-performance package for access to the largest international Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), allowing for scalability, flexibility, and greater autonomy in cost management. Anti-DDoS protects up to Layer 7, with a global mitigation capacity of 140Tbps, 100% automated and available in all the countries where Angola Cables operates (Africa, Europe, and the Americas). The 360º solution is capable of handling up to the data transport layer in real time (Layer 4) and the application layer on request (Layer 7) for B2B customers with a scrubbing centre and clean pipe. 

Clouds2Africa: a cloud computing platform aimed at different types of businesses, from start-ups to large corporations, looking for a low-cost service, but with hyperconnectivity, flexibility, security, efficiency and lower latency for Lagos and various locations in Nigeria, Accra, Luanda, Johannesburg, Cape Town, the East Africa countries and the United States and Europe. The product is 50 per cent cheaper than other available Cloud solutions, with the advantage of carrying out the operation in local currency and dollars using international payments solutions. Clouds2Africa hosts a comprehensive suite of services and solutions accessible to individual users and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs), regardless of their geographical location. Featuring high availability across multiple zones and SOC2 compatibility, Clouds2Africa offers the following capabilities:

  • Virtual Machine
  • Backup Storage
  • Mirroring and Snapshot Functions
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Connectivity to Public Clouds
  • Business Continuity Features

Remote Peering: this product offers customers the opportunity to link to more than 6.000 connections without the need for a physical presence. This allows customers to connect to various international Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) quickly and easily. This allows customers to connect to various international Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) quickly and at competitive costs. Among the main benefits are: International Presence, with cost savings and efficient routing options; Low Latency and direct connection to the largest Internet Exchange Points; Rapid penetration into new markets; and Peering autonomy to establish peering connections with any Internet Exchange Point member entity.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of TelCables.

About TelCables West Africa:
TelCables West Africa is a Nigerian provider of network services and digital solutions and is the local operation for Nigeria and West Africa countries of Angola Cables, an internationally established ICT multinational ranked* as the number 33 operator in the world.

The company also provides a wide range offer of Cloud and integration services, IP networks and integrated access to worldwide to data centres, which provide direct, comprehensive, and low-latency access connectivity to the largest IXPs, Tier 1 operators and global content providers.   

The company specializes in connectivity and IT solutions and services as well as the commercialisation of international data circuit capacity and IP Transit via submarine cables.

Our shared values and mission are to provide secure and low-latency connectivity to companies from West Africa to worldwide users. Our proven track record and dedicated team of IT and network professionals are here to partner you in expanding and advancing the capabilities of your network and business.

As the most connected network operator in Africa, we provide direct routings from West Africa to the USA and South America and from West Africa to London at the lowest latency. With our presence across several Nigerian IP hubs from Lekki, WACS CLS, Medallion DC, Rack Centre and others, and connections across Africa via the Djoliba network, we can connect your business to the world.