Uganda: ‘Improve food security in Karamoja’

Uganda: ‘Improve food security in Karamoja’

Uganda: ‘Improve food security in Karamoja’

Uganda: ‘Improve food security in Karamoja’

Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa, has implored government to improve food production in Karamoja so as to improve food security in the region.

“The greatest security we can give to Karamoja is the capacity for it to produce food not only for the region but for the entire country too,” Tayebwa said during the consecration of Rev. Canon Simon Akol Aisu as second Bishop of North Karamoja Diocese on 12 February 2023. 

“The moment people are given what to do they would not have time to steal. We want to thank the locals for the great support they have given to the UPDF (Uganda People’s Defence Forces), and also thank the army for pacifying the region,” he said.

The consecration was held at Christ Church Cathedral, Kotido district.

The Deputy Speaker promised to engage the President to hold a meeting about food security in order to turn Karamoja into a food hub of the region. 

He said that church can be a great pillar in social transformation adding that he wanted the church and mosque to be the biggest pillars in the process.

“Let us not bring food to Karamoja. The moment we bring irrigation to Karamoja we shall have the region transformed, we shall not leave the region to mother nature,” Tayebwa said.

He also thanked the church for showing leadership in the fight against same sex marriages, which have been accepted in some churches. “Your Grace I thank you, this is the time for the African Church to provide leadership to the entire world because out Africa’s resources the whites have developed so much and have forgotten God,” he said. 

In his address to the congregation, the Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu said that Karamoja is well endowed with resources and it is the responsibility of government to explore this resource to enhance the region.

“I am very concerned about the levels of insecurity in the region because there cannot be development; such insecurity must stop,” he said. 

Peter Abrahams Loki, MP Jie County, called for reconciliation between the people of the region and asked people to forgive each other.

The new Bishop, Akol Aisu, said he was going to focus on evangelism, scripture, family life and Christian marriage.

“We are going to put our focus on our Christian message to our people throughout the Diocese during the tenure of our ministry in order to promote spiritual and economic growth in the Church,” he said.

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