Uganda: Tayebwa appreciates Rotary

Uganda: Tayebwa appreciates Rotary

Uganda: Tayebwa appreciates Rotary

Uganda: Tayebwa appreciates Rotary

The Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa, has appreciated Rotary for applying their time appropriately to inspire people and intervening to help the most vulnerable people.

Speaking at the opening of the 99th District Conference Assembly (DCA) held at Speke Hotel Munyonyo, Tayebwa called on Ugandans to copy Rotarians and utilise their time effectively if they are to be successful. “If you are blessed to reach 60 years, imagine what you will be looking back to, especially how you spent your time?”  he said.

The event was held on Thursday, 25 April 2024.

Tayebwa said that since Rotarians pay to volunteer, giving away most of their time to service, people should spend their time supporting and giving to humanity. He added that the time we have and the things we acquire in our life on earth is entrusted to us by God but does not belong to us.

“The money buying the polio vaccine could have been given by someone much poorer than you who is keeping your money intact. Because now we get the vaccines freely. So, thank you Rotary,” he said.

Kenyan lawyer and activist, Patrick Lumumba, who delivered a key note address, called on Rotarians to continue giving hope to people, particularly now that inhumanity is more pronounced than before as evidenced by the wars in the different parts of the world.

He encouraged the Rotarians, who he described as good Samaritans to carry on with the spirit of compassion and goodwill.

“It is a difficult time, life is no longer normal yet we should not despair. When there is gloom there is also gleamer. So, give people hope, continue to play your part as you have done already by going to places to help,” he said.

The conference that will take stock of the achievements of the 2023/2024 goals, attracted over 850 delegates from all around the world, and runs 24  – 27 April 2024.

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