Unlocking Opportunities for Print Service Providers in the Booming African Print Decor Market (By Somesh Adukia)

Unlocking Opportunities for Print Service Providers in the Booming African Print Decor Market (By Somesh Adukia)

Unlocking Opportunities for Print Service Providers in the Booming African Print Decor Market (By Somesh Adukia)
Unlocking Opportunities for Print Service Providers in the Booming African Print Decor Market (By Somesh Adukia)

Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA)

By Somesh Adukia, Managing Director – Canon Central and North Africa (https://www.Canon-CNA.com)​.

In recent years, Africa’s interior decor industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in the demand for printed decor solutions, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

With the African printing industry projected (https://apo-opa.info/3MfZQTe) to reach a staggering value of US$235.3 million by the end of 2031, the timing couldn’t be better.

The market remains vibrant and promising, offering lucrative growth prospects for print service providers (PSPs) across various sectors of interior decor, including wallcoverings, fine art prints, and applications in both residential and commercial settings. According to Big Picture Magazine and Keypoint Intelligence’s 2022 ‘Application and Utilization Survey’, interior decor and wall coverings were among the top five most profitable applications for PSPs in the current market landscape.

Enhancing Consumer Experiences

This flourishing trend is driven by a confluence of factors tailored to meet evolving consumer habits in Africa. The surge in e-commerce popularity has compelled global retailers to focus on delivering seamless online and in-store shopping experiences. Simultaneously, the importance of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of retail spaces and creating immersive customer experiences has soared. From wayfinding and point-of-sale solutions to floor and display graphics, retail decor is evolving rapidly. Brands are increasingly employing colourful signage and banners to support seasonal celebrations and events, aiming to draw customers back into physical stores.

The rise of pop-up shops and markets presents new opportunities for PSPs to provide turnkey print-based solutions that empower small businesses to create a captivating brand identity and engage in effective guerrilla marketing strategies.

Canon has been active in the decor segment for many years, with a range of wide format production solutions, specialist software and media, and extensive expertise in interior print applications. With such a plethora of vibrant printed decor applications available and the market projecting continued growth, it’s a great time for print businesses to dive into this expanding market and show customers just how effective print can be.

Printed Decor in Hospitality and Workplaces

Printed decor plays a pivotal role in the hospitality sector, contributing to branding, ambiance creation, and enhancing the overall guest experience. A similar trend extends to the workplace, where employers are increasingly turning to digitally printed decor elements to create more attractive and inspiring environments for their employees. This strategy is designed to entice staff back into the office, marking one of several approaches taken by organisations to adapt to evolving work dynamics.

Africa’s Dynamic Print Decor Market

However, thriving in the African printed decor market demands adaptability. The market is dynamic, and characterized by ever-changing design and fashion trends, meaning that décor service providers must remain agile, responsive, and adaptable to remain competitive.

Moreover, adopting a consultative mindset is critical for PSPs. They must proactively engage with prospective customers, presenting them with creative solutions and showcasing the myriad of available options. This involves inspiring clients with achievable ideas on how to refresh their spaces and explaining the practical and cost advantages of print-on-demand over traditional decorating and renovation methods.

PSPs can further inspire clients by going beyond printing customer designs and providing them with creative interior décor content ideas. This collaborative approach opens up opportunities for partner artists, photographers, and designers to showcase their work through an expanded network of online marketplaces.

The New World of AI in Design

The emergence of generative AI presents an exciting opportunity for PSPs to create and inspire by bringing new visual concepts to life. Whether starting from scratch or updating previous images and concepts, generative AI can facilitate innovative design processes with relative ease.

With an array of vibrant printed decor applications available and the market poised for continued growth, this is an opportune moment for print businesses in Africa to immerse themselves in this expanding market and demonstrate to customers the remarkable effectiveness of print in transforming living and working spaces.

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