You engage, You win – Applications, engagement strategies and business services

You engage, You win – Applications, engagement strategies and business services

You engage, You win - Applications, engagement strategies and business services

You engage, You win - Applications, engagement strategies and business services

We have a solution, for increasing the motivation and commitment of your employees. As Grywit, we create mobile applications that, based on gamification and positive psychology, become an ideal tool to support businesses.

A word of introduction – about Grywit

Grywit has been dynamically developing on the Polish market for years, offering strategy building services and creating web applications and platforms that increase engagement and achieve goals with the help of new technologies. Our offer also includes comprehensive training and development, loyalty and sales programs.

We have also started to develop our business in Africa and would like to expand our activities there. Through GITEX Africa 2023, we would especially like to attract new partners who would like to join our projects, support them and help us promote them on a larger scale. We are also looking for new customers, and hope to gain them through participation in GITEX. GRYWIT’s offer is very rich, so we think we can contribute a lot to the whole event.

The technology used by Grywit has an opinion of innovation on international scale and can be used as an employer branding and recruitment tool.

We know the challenges you can face, because we were “in your shoes” for a dozen of years. Our CEO has tested the solutions we propose as a manager and director at General Electric Company. She was tring to solve challenges with employees / clients using traditional methods. However, they were not effective enough, so she decided to create a new way to change the behavior of employees and customers. The method she developed proved to be so effective that she resigned from the position of managing director at General Electric in order to found Grywit and be able to improve other companies.

What is gamification?

Gamification [1] – using schemes and mechanisms known from games outside the context of games, especially in various group activities, to increase the involvement of people performing specific tasks. The technique is based on the pleasure that comes from overcoming subsequent achievable challenges, competition, cooperation etc.

Gamification allows people to engage in activities that are in line with the author’s expectations, even if they are considered boring or routine. Gamification is most often used to achieve one of three goals:

  • achieving a higher level of user involvement,
  • changes in user behavior (e.g. new habits),
  • stimulating innovation

In our solutions, we combine gamification with instant feedback (‘here and now’ feedback), mutual appreciation, social engagement loops, interactive communication and a sense of influence. This is the result of research carried out in companies that show that combining all these aspects in one application gives the best results.

We have an opinion in innovation on an international scale.

“The implementation of Grywit technology is innovative on an international scale, which should be launched as soon as possible to revolutionize today’s services (…) to bring about innovation, efficiency or commitment.”

What are our areas of cooperation?

  • Employee motivation programs and loyalty for customers
  • Wellbeing and pro-ecological programs for employees
  • Applications for events, conferences and anniversaries
  • Apps for training and competence building

Learn more about Grywit: 

We are also starting a project called “Justmotive”.
Justmotive is a platform whose main tool is a mobile application. We give the opportunity to our clients to create their own dedicated application that will help them develop their business in the online space.

At the moment, we are in the process of expanding our platform. In addition to the part that brings together experts who can run their courses and trainings in the online space through our app and increase engagement with their audience, we also have six other parts of the Justmotive platform. These are: Justmotive Experts, Justmotive Fashion, Justmotive Artists, Justmotive Sport, Justmotive MLM, Justmotive Connect and Justmotive Edu.


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