From 1 June, primary schools and early years settings across England opened their doors to pupils in nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 children classes with a raft of safety measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission and to reinstate learning in an environment that is best for their development.

Learning Support Officer Eunice Obi was initially nervous about going back to school in light of Covid reporting in the news however, her opinion changed as she saw that the school she works at are doing everything possible to make sure pupils and staff are safe and that government guidelines are being followed.

Eunice says: “What we want our parents, and parents up and down the country, to know is that the children’s wellbeing is our number one priority and we have taken many steps to ensure safety.

“We had a soft start that helped to ease everyone back to school. We have hand gel and additional cleaning in place. Our school also has staggered start times, shorter and alternate teaching days to minimise chances of contact between children who are in different bubbles. I have to say, I’ve been very impressed with the safety measures the school has put in place.”

Talking about how children have responded, Eunice says: “The children have responded very well to the changes, they are very aware of what is going on and their hygiene levels have been excellent. Furthermore, from a wellbeing perspective, they have been very happy to see their friends and teachers and get back to some sort of routine.”

Eunice continues: “Early years in school are the building blocks for reading and writing, together with social development. Furthermore, for year 6 children who will be transitioning to secondary school it’s imperative for them to have the necessary mentoring about the next phase of their education to allay any fears and ensure they are confident about their new start in September.”


Pupils must not attend school if they or anyone in their household presents symptoms

No more than 15 children per classroom. Recommended bubble sizes will differ in the Autumn term
More regular handwashing
Staggered break and lunch times, plus different arrival and departure arrangements
Less sharing of equipment such as books and toys
Parents should not gather at school gates
Carers should only enter school buildings by appointment

“So, for those parents who are eligible, I’d encourage them to talk to any friends, family and community members who have already sent their children back to school and take the plunge themselves.”

Further information about the measures being taken to keep children safe from coronavirus in schools can be found at www/