Russian news agency TASS is presenting historical and modern-day photos depicting life in African countries and Russia at the Russia–Africa Summit and Economic Forum.

The bulk of the exhibit includes photos of African countries whose representatives are taking part in the summit. The images encompass economic, social, cultural, and sporting parts of life. They include desert and palm landscapes, images of local fauna, portraits of Africans in national costumes, and photos of modern cities.

Photos of the construction of the Aswan Hydropower Station in Egypt, the branch of the Pushkin Russian Language Institute in the Republic of Congo, and Olympic champion Oleg Grigoryev training boxers from the national team of the Republic of Chad demonstrate Russia’s close cooperation with African countries. A photograph from 1962 shows former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser presenting cosmonaut Yury Gagarin with the Order of the Nile badge, while cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova is captured in a 1964 picture during her visit to the Republic of Ghana.

Part of the exhibit is devoted to meetings between African and Russian heads of state at different times in history.

Many of these historical photographs will be exhibited for the first time. They were restored thanks to the digitization and systematization of the TASS photo archive in 2015–2016.

Modern-day photos of Russia feature picturesque landscapes of various regions ranging from the Baltic Sea to the Far East, pictures of magnificent architectural monuments, and spectacular views of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The exhibit includes more than 170 works by TASS photojournalists. It uses photographs both from masters of domestic photojournalism such as Viktor Budan, Valery Gende-Rote, Vasily Yegorov, Vladimir Musaelyan, Sergey Kulik, Valentin Cheredintsev, and many others, as well as the agency’s present-day photojournalists. Their masterful work vividly and accurately conveys the beauty of the African continent.

The TASS photos can be viewed throughout Sirius Park of Science and Art.

TASS is the official photo hosting agency of the Russia–Africa Summit and Economic Forum.

The Russia–Africa Summit and Economic Forum, the largest event in the history of Russian-African relations, will take place on 2324 October in Sochi at the  Sirius Park of Science and Art. The Forum will become a regular event and will help to maintain a constant business dialogue between Russia and African countries. The events are being organized by the Roscongress Foundation. Russian Export Center and Afreximbank are the co-organizers of the Russia–Africa Economic Forum.

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