One Switch, Transfer your EcoFlow Power Stations from Portable to Home Backup Solutions

One Switch, Transfer your EcoFlow Power Stations from Portable to Home Backup Solutions

One Switch, Transfer your EcoFlow Power Stations from Portable to Home Backup Solutions
One Switch, Transfer your EcoFlow Power Stations from Portable to Home Backup Solutions


Say goodbye to the hassle of relocating your power stations during load shedding. EcoFlow (, a global leading sustainable energy solutions company, is excited to introduce the enhancement that expands the abilities of its DELTA Series ( and RIVER Series ( to power your home with just a single plug. These cutting-edge power stations are now compatible with the major transfer switches on the market, enabling seamless integration with home circuits for comprehensive power coverage.

Easy Operation, Seamless Integration

“This compatibility empowers users to effortlessly connect EcoFlow portable power stations ( to their homes, suitable with a variety of transfer switches on the market.” said Joy Wu, Head of LAMEA&APAC at EcoFlow. “In the face of relentless load shedding, this innovation provides an energy-efficient and time-saving solution. Users no longer need to shuffle power stations or appliances around to maintain essential functions. With a single switch, power will course through your home circuit.”

This home backup power solution encompasses an EcoFlow power station and a transfer switch. Installation only takes about 20 minutes by a professional electrician. Once connected to the home main panel of electrical circuits via a transfer switch, your EcoFlow power station becomes a reliable source of power for your entire home. From the living room to the kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms, the solution operates seamlessly, eliminating the need for complex wiring or redundant operations.

Accessible and Reliable Home Power Solution

One of the most compelling advantages of EcoFlow’s portable power solutions with transfer switch compatibility is their affordability. “The additional cost for a transfer switch in the market is approximately R500-1000,” noted Joy. “Compared to traditional home power solutions, the EcoFlow combo provides an economical entry point for families seeking dependable backup power.”

The solution caters to both the DELTA Series and RIVER Series portable power stations, offering up to 10.8kWh of capacity to power an entire home – from critical appliances to lighting and communication devices. The built-in BMS (Battery Management System) provides multiple protections against overload, overvoltage, overheating, etc., freeing you from the worries of unstable grid power.

In addition to their cost-effectiveness, these power stations present a safe and eco-conscious alternative to noisy and poisonous emission-heavy fuel generators, making them suitable for household use.

Limitless Application, Anytime and Anywhere

An added benefit is the portability of EcoFlow’s portable power stations. Designed for plug-and-play convenience, users can effortlessly unplug their power stations and carry them anywhere, providing adaptable energy solutions for outdoor activities, travel, and emergency situations.

“This innovation marks a significant step forward in the field of home power solutions, simplifying households’ ability to maintain uninterrupted power supply during outages,” addressed Joy. For a limited time, the combo of a portable power station and a free transfer switch is now available on EcoFlow’s official website (

* Note: this compatibility is applicable to both the EcoFlow DELTA series and the RIVER series; however, the actual performance may differ based on the capacity and rated power of the respective power stations. This solution is not advisable for the RIVER 2 model.

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